Misc electrical parts

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Suzuki Battery Hold Down Strap

Battery Hold Down Strap

Condition: New , GENUINE SUZUKI PART, This strap is for the battery to hold it in place and prevent it from moving around.


Suzuki Battery Level Sensor

Battery Level Sensor

Condition: NEW , GENUINE SUZUKI PART,  The sensor goes in the hole in the middle of your battery and monitors the fluid level of your...


Suzuki Brake Switch, Handlebar

Brake Switch, Handlebar

Condition: New , GENUINE SUZUKI PART, This switch is used to activate your rear brake light via your handlebar brake handle. Also fits:...


Suzuki Center Stand Switch

Center Stand Switch

Condition: USED , FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!! This switch is activated when you put your bike on the center stand.  (Stock Photo)


Suzuki Circuit Breaker - USED

Circuit Breaker - USED

Condition: USED , This is the circuit breaker that can be found on the right side of the battery box.  If you're having trouble with ours,...


Suzuki Clutch Switch

Clutch Switch

Condition: New,   GENUINE SUZUKI PART, If you're having trouble starting your bike, this may be reason.  The clutch handle MUST be in...


Suzuki Diode - Wiring Harness

Diode - Wiring Harness

Conditon:  USED , There are 9 of these style diodes in your wiring harness.  These tested as good and will work great in your wiring...


Suzuki Fuse Box Connection Harness

Fuse Box Connection Harness

Condition: USED , FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!! This is the fuse block harness connection for the Cavalcade.  Fits all year and models.  ...


Suzuki Horns


Condition: USED ,    Over the production years of the Cavalcade, they installed several different styles of horns. However, any of the...


Suzuki Ignition Switch Connection-LX

Ignition Switch Connection-LX

Condition: USED , FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!! This is the ignition switch harness connection for the LX.   (Stock Photo)


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